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SyNRGE collaborates with several organzations having published over 150 scientific articles in areas of plant nutrition, space biology, LED lighting, and controlled environment agriculture


Effect of Reduced Atmospheric Pressure on Growth and Quality of Two Lettuce Cultivars,  2022. Life Sciences in Space Research


Dwarf Tomato and Pepper Cultivars for Space Crops


Sole-Source Lighting for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Recovery of Nutrients from Inedible Biomass of Tomato and Pepper to Recycle Fertilizer

Lighting the way to the stars

Space Pomology: Dwarf Plums for Fresh Food Production



Commercial Transition to LEDs: A Pathway to High-value Products

Introducing EDEN ISS – A European project on advancing plant cultivation technologies and operations

ISS Researchers Guide: Plant Science. NASA

Selection of Leafy Green Vegetable Varieties for a Pick-and- Eat Diet Supplement on ISS

Ragwort: Invasive Weed and Potential Pharmaceutical

Over-expression of FT1 in plum (Prunus domestica ) results in the phenotypes compatible with spacelfith:  A potential new candidate crop for bio-regenerative life support systems. 2015. Grav. Space. Res

Sole-source lighting for controlled environment agriculture. 2015. Lighting up Profits: Understanding Greenhouse Lighting. 


Mutualism within a simulated microgravity environment; Piriformospora indica protmotes the growth of Medicago truncatula. 


Preliminary species and media selection for the Veggie Space Hardware.  2013. Gravitational and Space Research

Plant atrium system for food production in NASA’s Deep Space Habitat tests. 

Microgravity effects on the early events of biological nitrogen fixation in Medicago truncatula: Results from the SyNRGE experiment.


Phytoremediation of indoor air: NASA, Bill Wolverton and the development of an industry. Value Creation of Plants for Future Urban Horticulture

Radish (Raphanus sativa L. cv. Cherry Bomb II) growth, net carbon exchange rate, and transpiration at decreased atmospheric pressure and/or oxygen


Delaying Flowering in Short-Day Strawberry Transplants with Photoselective Nets


Light-emitting diodes for manipulating the phytochrome apparatus.  2009.  HortScience


Red Light Affects Flowering Under Long Days in a Short-day Strawberry Cultivar. 2008. HortScience

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Enhances Growth and Flavonoid Content of Two Scutellaria species.  2008.  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Soc. 

Hypobaric chambers for biological life support research: System specifications and response of radish to decrease pressure and oxygen.


Mixed vs. monoculture hydroponic production of salad crops at three CO2 concentrations

Recovery of Nutrients from Inedible Biomass of Tomato and Pepper to Recycle Fertilizer.  2017. ICES 

The Effects of Elevated Root Zone Temperature on the Development and Carbon Partitioning of Spring Wheat


Yields of salad crops grown under potential Lunar or Mars habitat environments: Effect of temperature and lighting intensities ICES SAE Technical Paper

Process and Product:  Recirculating hydroponics and bioactive compounds in a controlled environment

Paecilomycels lilacinus and Fusarium verticilliodides remove t-butanol from contaminated air

Bioactivity of volatile alcohols on the germination and growth of radish seedlings

Microgravity effects on leaf morphology, cell structure, carbon metabolism and mRNA expression of dwarf wheat

Effects of Common ISS Volatile Organic Compounds on Growth of Radish


Plant molecular biology in the space station era: Utilization of KSC fixation tubes with RNAlater

Crop Production in an Extraterrestrial (Controlled-Environment, Microgravity) Environment

Advanced life support project: Crop experiments at Kennedy Space Center

Microgravity does not alter plant stand gas exchange of wheat at moderate light levels and saturating CO2 concentration

Effect of light intensity and temperature on yield of salad crops for space exploration

Potential effects of biogenic compound production on human health in closed life support systems

Characterization of nutrient solution changes during flow through media

Volatile Organic compound analysis (VOCA): A system for evaluating atmospheric contaminants on plant growth

Microgravity effects on thylakoid, single leaf, and whole canopy photosynthesis of dwarf wheat

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