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51st International Conference on Environmental Systems

ICES 2022 10-14 July 2022 – Saint Paul, MN

2022 NCERA-101 ANNUAL MEETING SEPTEMBER 11-14, 2022 – Tuscan, AZ

Recent Publications

Effect of Reduced Atmospheric Pressure on Growth and Quality of Two Lettuce Cultivars – 2022 Life Sciences in Space Research

Past News & Events

London Food Week  
30 October- 3 November, 2017

How We Will Feed 9 Billion by 2050 Using Tech Op-Ed Piece, The Mirror, London 30 October, 2017 

NASA researcher participates in Congress of Agriculture in Panama En Segundos Panamá  19 May, 2017

Stutte, el investigador de la NASA cuyos estudios inspiraron a “The Martian” (Español)  El Comercio 20 May, 2017 

NASA explores how to colonize the planet Mars La Estrella de Panamá 22 May, 2017 

Bright Future,
Greenhouse Management, July, 2016 

Research Payloads From SpaceX-8 Arrive at the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory
SpaceRef  11 April,  2016An Interview with Dr. Gary Stutte
Urban Ag News,  Isssue 13, April, 2016

Space Agriculture is Bringing Farming Indoors. 
Environmentatal Scientist , Febuary, 2016  pg 34-41.

Astronauts eat lettuce grown in space.
Growing Produce.  11 August, 2015 

Indoor Vertical Farming 2015: 
What I’ve learned. 
Urban Ag News, 13 August 2015