Conferences, Advisory Boards and Outreach

SyNRGE is frequently invited to participate in conferences, news events, and advisory boards. We aim to be at the forefront of the latest developments in our field, so that we can offer the best possible advice and products to our clients. Here are some of the events we have participated in:

Dr. Gary Stutte joins the set of Stay Curious to share his expertise on growing food in space the past three decades.
About Almería growing systems
NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center Seminar:   Lunch and Learn Growing Plants in Space, Feeding People on Earth: Bridging the Gap
Emerging Prairie Indoor Ag Workshop Fargo, ND, 2022

IICA/ SENACYT Workshop CIPAC-AIP Workshop on CEA, Space Agriculture and CEA in Latin America, Panama City, Panama 2-3 May 2022 Presentation: PDF Slideshow

Space Ag Conference
Researcher Careers
The Real Martian
Space Florida
Telemundo – Farming on the Moon and Mars

State University of New York Hydroponics Class: Growing Plants in Space – Feeding People on Earth September 22, 2022 

Zoom Passcode: S9gGe=*?

Humanity in Deep Space – Farming Mars
The Science Squad – Space Plants (LIT)
Gary Stutte featured in documentary, The Power of Plants


Dr. Greenhouse’s podcast featuring Dr. Stutte “What Plants Crave from Technology” Part 1 and Part 2
PolyGreens interview, SyNRGE, dr gary stutte
PolyGreens with Dr. Gary Stutte – SyNRGE, LLC
growing food in space
Radio Interview w/ Dr. Gary Stutte:  It takes 2 with Amy and JJ
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