Advisory Services

Advisory Boards

SyNRGE, LLC , lead by Dr. Stutte, is a member of several advisory boards both non-profit and for profit organizations. SyNRGE provides consulting services on the development of the organizations strategic and technical goals. The following are some organizations SyNRGE works with.

Controlled Environment Agriculture Design Standards (CEADS)

The Controlled Environment Agriculture Design Standards (CEADS) cultivate industry-vetted best practices into peer-reviewed standards that enable CEA enterprises to become industry leaders by optimizing their sustainability practices and performance.

Foundation for Food and Agriculture:  Urban Food Systems

The Foundation for Food and Agricultures pioneering Urban Food Systems research helps scientists, farmers and policymakers design equitable urban food systems that promote wellness and urban resilience.

Humanity in Deep Space

Humanity In Deep Space™ is an initiative to explore and pursue a planetary conversation surrounding the constellation of issues and challenges from science to food, health, design, economics, governance, ethics, etc., that must be addressed as our species prepares to transition to deep space.

University of Florida Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (UF|IFAS)

The University of Florida’s Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering is founded on developing, teaching, and applying engineering principles to improve and sustain agricultural and biological systems for current and future generations.

Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine (ICTIM)

ICTIM is an online educational institution dedicated to the provision of bespoke CPD programmes and Clinical training in Integrative Medicine.

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