SyNRGE develops technology to grow plants in space to feed people on Earth.  SyNRGE believes exploring the universe is a means to improve life on Earth.  SyNRGE strives to be at the forefront of taking the tools required to feed eight astronauts on a mission to Mars to feeding the eight billion people on Earth.  SyNRGE is enabling new ways of imagining the future.

Mission Statement

SyNRGE was founded with the mission of using controlled environment agriculture technology developed to grow plants in space and to develop safe, sustainable food production systems on Earth. We implement that mission though writing, speaking, advising and consulting across the planet with clients in Latin America, Europe and Asia, as well as North America.

SyNRGE advises companies and governments on use of controlled environment agriculture to achieve profitability and sustainability. We collaborate with universities and research centers on research projects related to controlled environments and space research.


SyNRGE was founded in June of 2015 and takes its name from a series of experiments to explore the effects of spaceflight on plant and microbe interactions.    The interactions of beneficial microbes and plant roots had been relatively unexplored area of biology in space.   Results from those experiments led to insights that are redefining the role of microorganisms and how to management them for experiments on Earth.

SyNRGE’s first major activity was to establish a small laboratory in the Space Life Science Laboratory at the gate to NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center and secure resources for an experiment on International Space Station. SyNRGE is an acronym for the ISS experiment  Symbiotic Nodulation in a Reduced Gravity Environment (SyNRGE) that flew on STS-135 and was the first to investigate the role of space environment on nitrogen fixing bacteria.  Following that success, SyNRGE expanded its scope and Dr. Gary began advising industry leaders on the development and implementation of the developing indoor agriculture and controlled environment industry.

SyNRGE is now a recognized leader in the in the field and is an advisor to government agencies, consultant to private industry, and partner on cutting edge research projects.  SyNRGE wants to work with leaders.   SyNRGE wants to work with you.