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Growing Plants in Space – Feeding People on Earth

Growing plants in space in a controlled environment

Specializing in Controlled Environment Technology and Space Agriculture

SyNRGE, LLC develops technology from growing plants in space to feeding people on Earth.   Consulting on the design, implementation, and the operation of controlled environment facilities, SyNRGE strives to be at the forefront of taking the tools required to feed eight astronauts on a mission to Mars to feeding the eight billion people on Earth. 

SyNRGE develops solutions to secure food for a growing population with limited resources, helping plants live in a manmade world.

SyNRGE is now a recognized leader in the in the field and is an advisor to government agencies, consultant to private industry, and partner on cutting edge research projects.  SyNRGE wants to work with leaders.   SyNRGE wants to work with you. Learn More…

Developing, designing and testing space technology to support sustainable food production systems on Earth
Controlled environment hardware

Consulting on design, implementation, and the operation of controlled environment facilities

Dr Stutte observing plants

Collaborating on cutting edge research growing plants in space and improving agriculture on Earth

Kids learning about plants in space and controlled environment agriculture

Communicating the impact of space agriculture on food production around the world